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offers professional photography services that build your portfolio of images representing your company, products and the people who make your company successful. BigStripeCat embraces the art of visual communication in today’s world of technology. BigStripeCat designers will make you, your company, your product look good. BigStripeCat will give you a presense you will be proud of and will want the world to see. Your site will look and function, art and technology, to get you seen where you need to seen.



To photograph the people behind your company we photograph within the environment of the business or organisation and use supplemental lighting as needed to find the ideal lighting for the individual. Environmental photography gives a feel of the people in their setting further supporting the business.


When your property or your location is an integral part of your company, photographs are essential to show it off and give a taste for the experierience of a guest.


Products are photographed in either an environmental setting or a carefully setup studio setting. The environmental setting provides a feeling and inspiration for how the product is used. Studio settings allow for controlled lighting. We can digitally extract the products from their background to fit in with point of sale online and in print.