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The Art of Visual Communication

Digital Illustration of the Sacramento Tower Bridge by Cathy O'hagain

Big Stripe Cat embraces the art of visual communication in today’s world of technology. Our 25 years of experience in the creative industry has taught us that learning and changing is an integral part of our business. What we enjoy most is allowing our creative and technical skills to grow together. Big Stripe Cat continually evolves and keeps current with communication technology while maintaining and delivering solid design.

As a graphic design and web development team, our goal is to reflect the essence of your company with the authentic look and feel in all of your marketing materials.

Based in Central Valley, California we serve a wide array of industries and enjoy the hands-on personal approach we can share with our clients to achieve their goals. With a solid foundation in page layout design, typography and image creation we know how and when to apply the classic rules and when to break away from the classic, always to achieve the most appropriate tone and message of each individual client.